Monday, April 20, 2009

I Want More Time! Right Now!

WHEN we first moved into our house, we found the kitchen appliances were practically brand new. They were from the late sixties and we moved in about 1994, but the dishwasher and oven might have been used a dozen times.
Now I think I know why. The retired couple who lived here enjoyed working in the yard, the woodshop, doing crafts and reading: the house was stuffed with book club selections that mostly got sold at the estate sale before we moved in.
The retired couple didn't want to cook or wash dishes. They went out to restaurants and spent their time doing things that were much more fun. (The walls were hung with dozens of decoupaged pieces of wood. Somehow those sold too.)
Tonight, as I faced the choice of preparing dinner or stamping paper with all sorts of paint, I knew where I would rather be!
However, the Mister had worked all day too. I wanted to show you what he accomplished over the weekend. On Saturday, actually, he "lined" - trimmed - the bathroom windowsill with some of the copper he has. It's to match - in material, but not in texture - the copper panels that line the skylight over our as-yet-unused shower.
And TODAY I got "Royal Mail." Rosie sent her Library Card Project and it was so exciting to get it all the way from Leeds. The front and back were decorated. I love it! (The back has a film strip with figures of a man on it, in case you can't see it clearly.)
So now I have gotten nine cards and I don't know about the 10th. I know who has it but I hesitate to ask again because I know from reading their blog, they are a bit overwhelmed right now. I think I will wait and see for a few days and in the meantime prepare the "e-book" of the story and illustrated cards.
I've been having such fun stamping colors on cards and painting some pages in my journal. I have a class coming up May 16, and it's going to be an adventure and lots of fun to take a whole day to experiment with different techniques One Whole Saturday! I can't wait. Even if no one else is there, I'll be having fun - femminismo


Terry Rafferty said...

My first visit here, and what a treat! Your photos are a feast, and your projects fascinating. I've only done one altered book and couldn't believe the time and effort involved, so I'm just amazed by people like you and Seth!
My mantra, too, is I Want More Time! Right Now! - but as Alyson Stanfield points out in her fantastic book "I'd rather be in the studio", we aren't going to get it. So, off to work :-)
Thanks for visiting my blog, and for leaving a comment!

Candace said...

Oh dear... where IS Saint Therese when one really needs her? Jeanne, this post is fantastic, oh yes. More time. Always. Dishes? There's a book to be read.
Cooking? There's a lady to be drawn and shared... or a new fawn to be photographed.
Can't wait to see Mister's completed project, either!

Take care, Pal. Thinking of you.

3rdEyeMuse said...

eek - I've emailed, but not physically mailed mine to you - do you need me to do this to proceed? please let me know.

thanks, ~M~

ps - LOVE that skylight!

Kate Lord Brown said...

Hi! Thanks for coming by to WKDN. Love the copper - have a big thing for verdigris. Beautiful work too!

A rambling rose said...

So glad you got it Ok and were pleasedn - I am really looking forward to seeing the completion of the project and thank you for involving me