Sunday, April 12, 2009

Mail Call And I'm So Lucky!

MAIL arrived Friday and one package was the cutest little heart-shaped needle case from Arlene at We are doing a trade for this wonderful item, since I commented on it and then she let me know she was going to send me one! (Yay!)
In the other artistically decorated package was the Library Card Project from Nathalie, so I can put it into a book, and she also sent me some of the many library cards she has - with books and authors and stamped "in" and "out" dates on them. These should be really fun to do projects with.
On Saturday we attended an elaborate Easter egg hunt at my brother's and sister-in-law's house. Their huge back yard was stuffed to the gills with eggs, and plastic baseballs hid in the grass too. I think I might even have seen a football, but I'm not sure.
There were plenty of prizes for everyone - with special goodies for the kids who find the fewest eggs. The bunny, who lives in their back yard, has his own special little house at the base of a tree. The tree is hidden away so he gets his privacy, since I'm sure he was busy behind his little door, working away, preparing to hit other homes today.
Little Bobby, my brother, even had presents for his favorite sisters. He is a dyed-in-the-wool kid and we hope he never grows up.
Today I could no longer withstand the siren call of the paint and the brayer and went out to make a mess, rolling the brayer in acrylic paint and then stamping elongated 30# index card paper with a blue foam block stamp.
I used orange, purple, terra cotta, white, yellow and put them all together. As you can see the back of the cards aren't done yet. I then turned them over, drew squiggly lines with an oil crayon and rolled the brayer through white gesso, more paint. I added orange ... hmm ... then what? Don't know. Yellow? Ochre?
Finally I added some blue stamping to everything (down below).
I would like to bind the cards into a booklet and then decorate the "pages" with whatever comes to hand.
I came up with one magical stamping pattern that looked like a bird's head. So magical what you can "see" when you look at these abstract, randomly produced "paintings." (I don't know if you can find it here or not. The papers are now hanging in a spare room drying throughly before I glue/paint/distress them any further.) I think there might be glitter or some shiny stuff coming along, with text from an old physiology textbook and maybe some letters stamped on top of that.
It felt good to be slopping about in the paint, adding this and that and seeing my hands get all colorful too. Therapeutic is what it was - femminismo


3rdEyeMuse said...

this looks and sounds like a super Easter weekend! and the siren call sure looks like it paid off, too. :)

Anonymous said...

A good long paint session uis always so nourishing. getting messy and lost in paint and process...that is what easter is about..

Jenny Matteson said...

Awesome painting project! The girls and I got creative with the leftover Easter Egg dye, and created a series of ripped paper strips and tye-dyed paper towels. Someday it would be fun to get together with you for a project like this.
Don't forget to check out my blog for more Egg hunt at Bobby's photos! Love you!
-Jen M.

Candace said...

So glad you had a good weekend and that Peter Cottontail's whereabouts can now be pinpointed.

Oh gosh, who can resist that siren call? Who needs to? Not _you_, not when you get going, lol. These paintings are just so beautiful and I especially love that last one.

I cannot wait to see this finished project, Jeanne. Once again, you are taking us somewhere away from charted "territory".
Your Pal