Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day 2009 ... and my thanks to Ma Nature.

WELL, for starters, you're probably wondering how I saved my piece of the Earth today.
The morning began much as any other, except for the bucket I now keep in the shower. I use the gray water that accumulates during my shower to irrigate patches of the yard that get very little water because of the overhanging eaves. So proud of myself! (This is a good incentive.)
Also, while I'm running water, waiting for it to warm up so I can wash my face, I save that water that used to go down the drain. I was amazed how much was wasted. And, I washed out my plastic sandwich baggie to use another time or two. And - well, that's about it for today. Small steps, but they add up.
The Mister was even busier, turning over the earth and adding mushroom compost to what will be our garden spot. You can see our small "potting area." (Euphemism for old picnic table.)
The Mister loves our neighbor's old garage. I sort of like it better when the grape vines grow real tall and disguise it a bit. *Note: I've come back into this post to add this because, after looking at the garden picture, up close it looks as though the fence is falling over. It's not. Not to worry!
We are putting in beans, zucchini, tomatoes and some corn - things we will eat and enjoy. The berry vines, on the posts and wire, produce enough for eating when we're working, or for a small pie when they come on all at once. The only problem with our garden is the lack of sun. Because of the redwood tree to the east and our other neighbor's trees to the west, there's a shorter window of sunshine than we'd like. Well, we shall see what happens.
And last but not least I could not pass by my Disintegration Project without taking a peek. The pages have dried out with the sunny weather we had - which is now gone. It was almost 80 yesterday and then 50 (43 with the wind) today. Brrr! There's a fire in our fireplace and things are cozy.
Well, happy Earth Day, Earth. Even though we treat you badly sometimes, we really do love you - femminismo


Candace said...

I do love your tips and such about what you are doing to help our Earth. That Disintegration Project just is not stopping...!

Say, I am about where you are with the garden doin's. I am making a lasagna garden patch this year along with the regular patch. Do you know about those?
Your Pal,

femminismo said...

No, tell me about your lasagna garden. Sounds delish! I'll go visit you right now! - J.

3rdEyeMuse said...

every single effort counts and adds up - simply being conscious of our choices matters. thanks for mattering ... a lot!