Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Unfurling And Pushing Up

MAY is on its way, and soon these luscious tree peony petals will be layering the sidewalk. This is always a sad moment of spring because I would so like to save all of these pink petals just as they are, so ripe and juicy with this great color. (The branches are over my head, about 6-7 feet tall.)
However, it's never to be. Time cannot stand still for any man ... or any flower. Here they are reaching up into the April sky. Behind them is the copper-topped trellis that supports the clematis. I don't happen to know its name, but I may post a picture of a bloom when it happens. Maybe someone else out there has one and knows the official nomenclature.
It's been cool and rainy and the day is fast approaching - May 1 - when our Disintegration Projects, inspired by Seth, will come in from the weather and submit themselves to our human hands, rather than Mother Nature's. I have been considering what to do with my rotted and withered pages, but have decided "persactly" what to do.
I had a lovely April birthday with these glorious flowers picked from my daughter's own yard. She is now in her "own" first house since she left home and there may be a purchase in the offing. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for her - femminismo
p.s. Speaking of flowers, anyone know what these small yellow daffodil/narcissus crossbreed are? The scent is lovely, like something you'd want to eat!


Candace said...

Mmm. I have those little daffodilly flowers too and have no idea what they really are.
The peonies are gorgeous and congratulations to your girl! That bouquet is so so beautiful. Your own flowers from your own yard... priceless, as the commercial goes.
Take care!

Brenda said...

You must have a gorgeous garden, what a pleasure to watch it "spring" into life. I wish I could grown tulips and peonies where I live, but it doesn't get cold enough!

acornmoon said...

I know how you feel about wanting to hold back time, maybe we appreciate flowers all the more because of their fleeting moments?

3rdEyeMuse said...

the peony's are so pretty in their bright pink, but I have to admit that I am really taken by your birthday tulips ... what a lovely garden your daughter must have. :)

Happy (soon to be) May Day!!

Laura Kay said...

Such pretty pictures!! Glad you had a good birthday!