Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Another 'Stranger' Page.

The Anticipated Stranger does not feel like himself. These are not the real colors in my art journal, but after I took the picture I tried an interesting effect in some photo editing software (that's not Photoshop). I'm finally getting a chance to use this a little more and finding my way around a bit.
Well, actually, you'd better tell me if I'm finding my way around. There's a really cool "aging" feature, so don't be surprised if you see that soon too.
I got myself some new hair color today and I'm feeling a teensy, tiny bit "new" and radical. On self-portrait Wednesday (tomorrow) I'll give you a peek and you can tell me what you think.
I was also going to recite this for you:

To sing old songs to little children in
A foreign language made intime thereby;
To pose a riddle, putting one more spin
On words to make them twitter as they fly.
To make words be themselves, taking time out
From all the daily work of meaning, to
Make picture puzzles of what they're about
And thereby keep the constancy in true;
To feel the quivering figure in the rock
Of fact, to know the thrill of the absurd,
Cutting the key with which you might unlock
The chambers of the heart of any word -
These in their faith and hope remain as much
The works of love as all the plays of touch.

- the poem "En revenant d'auvergne by John Hollander
- italics by author -
From femminismo, who loves to make picture puzzles


Seth said...

Cool editing in the first picture. Love the background in the spread.

3rdEyeMuse said...

seriously looking forward to what's next ... and tehe new color, too!!

Anonymous said...

Jeanne Girl--Tell the mister that his bridge looks exemplary...good work! Does he hire out?? :)
Missing you a lot today.

Candace said...

You're doing such great stuff here, Jeanne. I am excited about this Stranger --

Say, new hair is a quick way to reinvent, isn't it? I am growing out those bangs. Whew, THAT was a mistake. LOL.

Let me tell you how I totally enjoy your love and sharing of poetry and the fantastic imagery you give us with these b&w photos. Caught in time, the puzzle will never be completed. Yet we know he will not leave until it is...
Another poet to search out.
Many thanks.

Your Pal.

Anonymous said...

..to make them be themselves.. love the poem, and it does sound like your code of being too.. thankyou for that .