Sunday, June 14, 2009

Time Flies on Busy Wings

THE weekend is nearly over, but it was sure packed with things to do. We made a foray up to the property to do some work. A son, daughter-in-law, and two granddaughters helped, along with a friend with a Bobcat. While my daughter-in-law and I got to talk a bit, and pull up weeds from a possible camp site for next weekend's planned getaway, the friend with the Bobcat came in and made short work of any of the weeds we missed. Haha! Like every weed is gone there! Let's hope the coming weekend is dry, because if not, it will be muddy camping.
The goatsbeard is growing along the creek and is very tall - over 6 feet. The berry above is a salmonberry, I think. Can't find my native flower book right at this moment.
While we played around down below on the road, the Mister and his friend with the "weed picker" went up to the top to put down plastic and spread gravel. This will be where we put our little travel trailer - that still is NOT painted - when we go camping next weekend.
It poured rain right after we started a fire to cook lunch. Rain, rain and more rain. I ducked under a fir tree that kept me fairly dry, but not by much. The kids had to change clothes. Smart mom had brought an extra set and everyone's jackets - just in case. We went home very damp, with no s'mores in our tummies - thinking at least we wouldn't have to water the garden but everything at home was dry as a bone. The squall had completely missed our part of town.
I worked on my tree picture some more and am thinking perhaps I won't leave the Bible quotes on the left hand side. Not sure. I can paint over them. Thought about doing that, letting it dry and then sanding a bit to reveal a few words. I feel as if it's lost some mystery.
Maybe I'm just getting tired of looking at it. But I want to finish a project and see how it feels. Know what I mean? femminismo


Don said...

The sanding down sounds good.I know what you mean about finishing projects!

Julie Fillo said...

I really like where you are going with your tree! This is the first time I've been able to get over here for awhile. I really like the figure and the trunk of the tree, especially, it's very lyrical.

Thanks for your never ending support. I really appreciate it.


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