Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Fresh From the Garden to You.

YOU can't get much fresher than this. "Or-e-gun" strawberries picked by hand and delivered to you, from the bucket to the camera to the computer. I have a dish of them right now next to me with ice cream and I am happy!! Thank you to my neighbor Sylvia for sharing with us.
She also shared a picture of her air plant, which is blooming right now. I don't think I've ever seen one in bloom (don't the flowers look sort of like fuchsias?) and these small things amaze me. Sylvia's little horse planter is very cute, too!
When we were outside in the garden, Sadie came around with her Frisbee. She wanted so much for someone to throw it for her so I did and almost hit Sylvia. But Sadie is an older dog and doesn't really need to be running around showing off any more. Ah! Yes, I think I know how Sadie feels. (You want to but you just can't.) My sister and I were talking about how we used to run so fast and now there are certain body parts that just don't want to do that anymore.
Sylvia and her husband Dave live west of us, down the street, and there is a lot of sky. I was remarking on how I loved these evenings of light, which soon will be turning back the other way. I think the summer solstice is sort of a sad time, when we begin saying adieu to a little bit of light every evening. But right now there are still magnificent sights to see at 8 p.m. - like this western sky.
And here is our little garden, pulling along without a lot of sky. Trees to the east and trees to the west, there is only a certain amount of full sunlight it gets each day. But we will be happy no matter what. The Mister put in more beans so they will continue growing throughout the season and there is a full tray of basil seedlings. Many, many seedlings. Makes me smile thinking of the pesto it may be one day!
I worked on my tree painting tonight (see earlier post). I'm making additions and "corrections" and desperate to finish it up the way I've envisioned. Thanks for all your comments - femminismo.
p.s. Late addition: self-portrait Wednesday!


Candace said...

Oh man, when I close upped those strawberries, I realized just how adept you are at capturing colour and composition. Fantastic shot!

And Sadie doesn't look like she's worrying about any of HER body parts, nosirree. And big sky or no, Art Shenanigans and I have EyeCandy plans for the summer solstice now...
WOW, it is almost here, isn't it? Thanks for the heads up! And for sharing pix of that great garden of yours.
Take care.
Candace in Athens.

Candace said...

Sorry but I just realized -- does Sadie have one brown eye and one blue eye? You probably know in that case, that Native Americans would say that she's a spirit dog...

femminismo said...

How cool! I will have to tell Sylvia, or maybe she will read the comment. Thanks, Candace. - Jeanne

Anonymous said...

I remember as a kid being jealous of my cousins who lived in Cherry Grove and had real summer jobs picking strawberries. Funny, but I'm not jealous anymore!

Hi from the frozen north,
Cousin John