Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday and No Pictures.

CAN you believe I'm posting without a photo - ready, at hand? Me neither. (Here, I found this one on the computer. I used pinking shears on the peony! Ha ha. No, I took ithe picture at the end of May and then "rippled it" in photo editing.)
Yesterday's windstorm was all people were talking about today. There were branches and tree limbs down all over town and our yard was a mess. The Mister got most everything cleaned up.
After work today I went to New Leaf Greenhouse, my favorite plant place. I got dill, thyme, basil, another rosemary, and two tomatillo plants. (Yum! Tomatillo sauce coming up one of these days.) I also got some begonias for the front planter at a great price.
Our corn is on its way and the beans too. Peppers look the best and the tomatoes have flowers.
Planting a garden made me remember my first one, on my own. (Not planted by my parents, who were magical gardening people. They really knew their stuff!) My parents - at the time I planted my own garden, after I was married - were laughing and secretly pleased. Laughing because they had tried so hard to get me to do something in their garden and it was like pulling teeth and pleased because they had passed the gardening gene on.
(By the way, isn't pulling teeth fairly easy with the right tools? I've always wondered about that saying.)
(Yes, I know I use parentheses a lot!) - femminismo


3rdEyeMuse said...

I like the ripple effect on the peopny picture. :)

Looking forward to seeing garden growing pictures.

Janet said...

i like your peony picture too. love the tidbit about your parents. too cute.

Candace said...

Oh how lovely this flower is! How I adore peonies... this year is my first garden in years, literally. We have NO idea where that gene came from... a grandmother, quite possibly. Or an enchantment, who knows?
So glad everything shook out all right after that major storm you all had! whew. Not fun, is it? Take care.
Your Pal,
Candace in Athens.

acornmoon said...

It must have been a proud moment for your parents when you tended your first garden.

Julie Fillo said...

Was that thursday night, the windstorm? If so, we had it too.