Monday, June 29, 2009

Thanks to Those Who Dropped In.

THANK YOU for the nice comments on the cupcakes and the strawberry punch. The tea party was fun and I'll surely try it again next year. I'm worn out now, however, and I wanted to show you a picture of the prints I won by commenting on Julie Fillo's blog. They are wonderful!
I promise I will take a picture tomorrow night. Thank you, Julie.
I have been standing at the art table playing with combinations of paint, using bubble wrap to "paint" with and just having the best time. Each page is a different combination -- and this is just a thought, but have you ever found yourself running out of colors? I got a great turquoise combination just by happenstance; sort of a gray sky/blue sky kind of mix. I wonder if I could ever come up with it again?
The fairy picture was a coloring book page I found on someone's blog yesterday when I was catching up with tea parties around the world. There were certainly a bunch of them on A Fanciful Twist's list. (I should be more careful about whose work I "select" and copy. But I thought it was probably an older color book illustration. Enjoy using it yourself if it works for you and I'll try and find out where I got it - or maybe they'll find me! - femminismo


Julie Fillo said...

I'm happy you like them. I think that image is copyright free. It looks like one I have that's in a Dover book.
I think you might be surprised at how easy it easy to come up with that color again. I save the palette sheet sometimes, because that gives me clues. Happy mixing!

Candace said...

What fun you are having... and an image like that is sometimes the ticket to springboard from into new adventures in art shenanigans.
Take care.

3rdEyeMuse said...

thanks for sharing the GREAT coloring page. :)