Wednesday, June 3, 2009

It's Very, Very Late All of a Sudden!

GEE, you run a few errands, buy a few plants, cook dinner, play with paint, haul a few wheelbarrows of dirt, take a few pictures, dig in a couple of plants and water them and all of a sudden it's 10 o'clock! What next? Probably roosters crowing real soon.
Well, it's self-portrait Wednesday and I see Judy Wise has been busy. Not everyone has such photogenic feet however, although mine are cleaner now, after a shower, than they were in the dirt earlier. (Our grandmother wouldn't let us get into bed with dirty feet! Lessons learned when young stay with you.)
Today our little trailer, that's been patiently waiting to be made into a pretty home-away-from-home, got a bath. Now we need to paint it. I am trying to coax the Mister into turquoise with some flowers. Tell me what you think, but realize I got tired of "painting" in Photoshop. Here you have the before and after. Perhaps it's too colorful. It's probably going to be sitting up on the property. The Mister wants to paint it camouflage, but that seems too terrible to me. Maybe a nice fern green with some small white trilliums around the base? Hmm. We might be getting somewhere.
The moon came up tonight and when I was finished planting my flowers - after a brilliant sunset of all sorts of purples and pinks in the sky - it had reached the top of the sky and finally broken through the haze and clouds. I like the moon when you can almost see the other half of it - if you look long and hard enough. It is like reaching a sort of meditative state.
Here are some apricot rhody flowers. It was hard to get the color right. I aimed overhead at the sky for a light reading and then took the photo. I think I tricked the camera into not letting in a lot of light and washing out the color. Bye for now. See you on the flip side - femminismo


Candace said...

How I love that photo... Joie de vivre! I can see that kid you were and are peeking out.

Let me tell you, that T wants to know more about that Little House On The Road and so do I! That has been being talked about -- LHOTR -- for a while now on New Haven Drive! Great minds, etc. Fern green with white trilliums. (That's pretty close to camo, isn't it, Mister?)

Your colourful descriptions of the sky, and the moon, and then that gorgeous flower pic got me thinking how much we depend on beauty as opposed to the beast in this thing we call Art, this thing we call Life.
Great post, Jeanne.
Your Pal

Seth said...

Great self-portrait. There is something very special about the composition. It just carries the eye across the whole picture. And you look so happy!

3rdEyeMuse said...

love the self portrait!

if I had a vote, I would totally go with the brightly painted turquoise with flowers. :)

Funky Junk Sisters said...

I really want a vintage trailer to fix up! I am so jealous!

Funky Junk Sister #2

Anonymous said...

coming up to the full moon, and it is raining..of course..loved seeing your pic on yarnbombing..what a hoot!

Ro Bruhn said...

Tell the Mister the brighter the colour the more visible you are on the road, so you're thinking of road safety.
You could always do a Grrl trick and knit it a nice cosy.

Julie Fillo said...

when you get done painting that trailer, come and paint my 1986 one.