Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tree of Good & Evil.

SO HERE I AM, working away on my tree this afternoon and tonight. I seriously wanted to run out of work as soon as possible and get home to do this. By some force of extraordinary effort, I went grocery shopping first. (Yuk! I used to enjoy shopping for food, many years ago, because it was the only time I could spend money. This was when I had two very small children in the cart also and added everything up with paper and pencil to see that I didn't go over budget. It still was fun. Now it's just a chore and I have to be really out of "meal material" before I can force myself into the melee of other shoppers.) Well, enough about that!
It's odd to look at "the tree" like this. I can certainly see it better. The sky seems to stand out too much, but I've gotten a better shape on the tree. Unfortunately that meant sacrificing the man's head, but it's sure to come back any day now.
I decided I wanted leaves on the tree and I went out looking for the right size leaves from real trees. That didn't work and then I noticed some white tissue paper on the art table and decided to use that. I cut out leaf shapes and started sticking them in place with green acrylic paint. Then I thought: Why not use matte gel? That added a nice dimension. I put a little paint over them when they were glued on.
I got to thinking about the man and the tree and remembered the tree of good and evil because I've been reading the current issue of The New Yorker and R. Crumb has a large section in there with his illustrations for Genesis. Very interesting if you get a chance to check it out. It might be online.
Soooooo ... then I decided to photocopy Genesis from the Bible and cut the first two pages up into "leaves." After I stuck them on I didn't like the way they stood out a little too much, so I cut more tissue paper leaves and glued them over. They sort of dulled the writing a little. Some of them I left uncovered.
The trunk of the tree looks hollowed out a bit, doesn't it? I sort of like that. And I couldn't resist some X's here and there. Most don't show up, so only I know they are there, but you can see one pretty well.
I added a moon also. Perhaps there should be a sun on the other side. Good and evil. Night and day. It was the best of times. Soon to be the worst of times.
I've put in details of the painting. Hope you enjoy it. I'm sure having a good time - femminismo


3rdEyeMuse said...

this is looking soooo amazing! I am REALLY enjoying watching the process and actually seeing it transform ... I LOVE that tree ... and the circles at the right. :)

Seth said...

This is really looking great. I am loving the detail that I san see when I enlarge the photos.

Arlene said...

So agree on the shopping thing. I have to remember my Grandmother would say, I am grateful I have food to carry in the house.
Also relate to....hurry and get the 'have to' done so I can do the 'want to'. Your tree is coming along nicely.

Candace said...

Fantabulosa. I think the man's head is fine, Jeanne, seriously. He's sort of back in the tree and that's how I think a person would look... how in the world did you get that wonderful texture!?