Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Alert! Alert! Great blogspot!

The new year is officially off to a great start.
My newest altered book (a 1941 tome on tap dancing) has a brand new stamp in it thanks to (ta dah!) MelStampz blogspot. (My carving, incidentally, is on top of a printed page from Mel's Web site. Her site has instructions for carving your own. That's her carved bird in the yellowish wood and her own stamps on the paper.)
With encouragement (little was needed, actually, since I've been wanting to do another carved stamp of my own) from MelStampz, I followed along with the directions at the blogspot.
I love crows and ravens; dark birds of intelligence and mystery. My fingertips are now very, very turquoise.
The book on tap dancing (the first page has the "New Year's resolutions" newspaper headline) is now almost entirely painted and ready to become something entirely different.
A brayer - with wax paper for a palette to mix the paint - is now my favorite way of adding color much, much faster.
I want to add many more layers of paint, stamps, etc. and give the pages more depth. This book, which was printed in 1941, does not have very good paper, but I'm hoping all the acrylic paint and matte gel medium will help preserve it and give it a little more substance.
It's probably a big mistake to choose a book so old and fragile, but I just wasn't enough ahead of the game to sew a book together out of more durable paper. I've fallen far enough behind as it is.
Hope you like the stamp. It's carved from Staedtler "Mastercarve," which cuts "like butter." Very, very easy to cut and I can even make a stamp on the other side if I get brave and ambitious.
Good night, and goodbye to the first day of the new year. - femminismo


Melissa M. M. M. said...

You made my day!!! How very sweet of you to stop by my blog and let me know about your work. I'm so very flattered that you were inspired (and not at all unhappy that you used my design. I'm so very glad you like it.) My little caveat about copying my carved stamps is just meant for businesses (or mass manufacturing of my designs without my permission.) Thank you so very very much for putting a link to me. Your blog is fantastic! I can't wait to look at your archives,

:0) Mel

Ro Bruhn said...

Love the stamp, I carve them all the time, it's very rewarding.

Dawn said...

I love the stamp - I've been meaning to try this - even bought the supplies at Art & Soul. Now I'm inspired to do it.