Monday, January 21, 2008

Writing letters by hand.

Two recent articles in the newspaper inspired two things: a journal page and a letter. Handwritten letters are really very special and a treat to receive.
Where I grew up - a small town in the country with maybe 300 people - our postman was the most well received person in town, although first-of-the-month bills were probably not popular with our parents.
Whether it was a letter from an aunt or a pen pal, a birthday party invitation, the Whoopee Cushion we had saved our dimes and nickels to send away for, or that extra special love letter from that certain sailor in the U.S. Navy, the postman's small truck was listened for without our even realizing it.
So today I've jotted a short note to a friend who was written about in the newspaper, and I've addressed a 99th birthday card for my elementary school principal. I am not going to be unrealistic, but I hope I will at least send one letter, greeting card or postcard once a week for a year.
Maybe I'll even get some back. - femminismo

p.s. At right is a journal page with some of my paper towel "paper" and some good thoughts for us all.

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