Thursday, January 17, 2008

Friends With Fine Talent.

Today I worked and then went to the monthly meeting for the art association where I volunteer. On my way out of the building, after the meeting, I hit it lucky and met up with an artist friend, Diana Lubarsky, in the pottery studio. She is so very talented. I first met her here in this same pottery studio, we started talking and I found out she did Holocaust art. A somber subject, but from the picture here of her new work in progress - the shofar blower - you can see the caliber of her work: very fine. Diana has been devoting hundreds of hours to making sure the man's body proportions are perfect, his arms are muscled, his ears are lifelike. Here is something about the shofar blower from the Jewish Outreach Institute. The shofar is an animal horn we blow like a trumpet. It is usually a ram's horn, but a shofar can be made from the horn of any kosher animal except a cow. Today the use of a long and beautiful antelope horn is popular. Unlike a trumpet, the shofar has no mouthpiece. It is difficult to blow. Shofar blowers spend many hours practicing before Rosh Hashana.

The shofar blower should be someone who is admired in the community, a person who is well liked and does good deeds. The shofar blower is called the ba'al tekiah. Another person stands next to the ba'al tekiah and calls out the notes.
Now we both know more about the figure Diana is sculpting. She is holding the horn in her hands and perhaps you can see it better when the picture is enlarged. Enjoy her Web site images. She has some very touching, very engaging work.
I have been busy. I hop
e you have been, too - doing rewarding, creative work that keeps you happy, healthy and sane. - with a smile, femminismo

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