Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Did You Ever Do This?

I guess I'm speaking to women here, since men travel so lightly: Did you ever leave your purse somewhere ... somewhere, like in a locked building? A building you don't have a key for? A building you can't get into until the next day?
I just went to take a photo of my most recent art journal page and I couldn't find my purse. After a two minute search I suddenly (in my mind) saw my purse as my hand dumped it into an unfamiliar drawer. An unfamiliar drawer in my new desk at work. The purse officially moved to a new location today and it's still there.
My mind raced as I thought about all its familiar contents: drivers license (I broke the law driving home!), money, credit cards, address book, cell phone and my digital camera (my old pal with our love/hate relationship). It's a small purse so it doesn't hold much else, but that's a lot.
Without the camera I can't show you what I just did, but I guess I can share the anguish I feel at my reliance on technology. If anyone's calling my cell phone right now, it's ringing in an empty office.
I was so glad to get out of that office this afternoon and now I wish I'd slowed down a little bit and counted my "carry-out items." There was a little voice talking to me as I walked out, but I didn't pay attention. Shame on me; not listening.
And it's odd the attachment I feel to these items. They don't make up the sum of me, but replacing them would not be fun.
Maybe posting an old photo, something I already have, would be fun ... something to remind me of a page I did when I first started this art journaling. I always expect to be able to do everything right now, really well. But there's so much to learn about paint, brushes - all the different mediums. I expect too much of myself, as usual. Maybe it's just as well I can't show you the page I just did, since I'm not too happy with it. The older photo, of the word "next" is something I really liked. I'm beginning not to miss my purse so much. (Although the janitor better not be making calls on my phone!)

xo Take good care of yourselves and love one another. - femminismo

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