Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Greetings to Number 500!

Will you be Visitor No. 500? Thanks to Sitemeter I can tell where visitors are from (usually) and how many people view my blogspot every day. (No worries; I do not get your e-mail addresses or know any more about you than where you are from and when you visited.)
I appreciate all your visits and hope you find something useful or fun to read or view when you click on femminismo's blog.
I see people from my own state of Oregon and from other states I have lived in: South Carolina, Virginia, Florida. Places I have driven through: North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas (where my grandparents were from), Oklahoma (where my father was born) ... so many places with so many memories. I've never been to New York, but maybe someday.
Above is a November art journal page.
I have ordered Valentine earrings from Ro Bruhn in Australia and can hardly wait to get them. My connection with her has been very rewarding, and I've loved to get comments from visitors.
Five hundred visitors isn't much in "blogworld" but I'm getting there slowly but surely.
And it's not so much the number of people who see what I have to say or "show." It's the creation of art and the journal keeping online that is rewarding for me. As long as the Internet exists, perhaps floating in space somewhere in years to come - even if I'm gone - these memories of times past will be present for my great-grandchidlren.
femminismo - live long and prosper

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Anonymous said...

Is it me? Number 500? I had a great creative day in Astoria today and read your blog again as a treat. No energy left to attempt anything more today. Saturday rehearsal with guest conductor and wonderful performance today. Music or art - both consuming. All the best, Janet