Thursday, January 10, 2008

Ever Since ...

Ever since Judy Wise helped me mend a small ripped section of a journal page with a tiny bit of paper towel soaked in paint and matte gel medium, I have wanted to try this.
Tonight, after cleaning up after dinner (I've cooked two meals this week; don't I feel housewifey?), I decided to make some paper tow
el "paper" for my art journal.
I took a paper towel square - one you can keep a big square or tear in half for two small ones, since they're perforated that way - and I dampened them good and then squeezed them out pretty well. I laid these on a thin plastic mat I usually chop vegetables on.
I squeezed acrylic paint on the towels - white, gold, ochre - and added globs of matte gel medium. I folded the towels over, one on top of the other and used my brayer to blend the colors between the sheets.
Then I opened them, checked the color and added a little purple and red. Closed them and blended the paint with the brayer, and opened them again and sprinkled luminiere powder and glitter.
Next I tore the sheets in half on the perforation and laid them on waxed paper. I let them rest for a minute while I tried to find a handy electrical outlet in my 1960s kitchen (good lu
ck!) for the hair dryer, which I set on low. I gently dried the paper towels for just about three minutes, mainly on the corners.
On the drier corners I pinched with slightly damp fingers and eventually the paper towel began to stick to my fingers and pull apart so I could gently peel it into two layers. I pulled the one layer off and put it in my journal. The rest went on pieces of waxed paper. (Don't leave them there too long.) Now I have four pieces of "paper."
With the matte gel medium added the glitter will stick and the paper will be fairly durable. I can paint over it again with more gel medium and stamp it, wr
ite on it and basically have the best time!
Here's my page (below, left) before sticking down the damp paper towel and here it is after (below, right). It may not look extraordinary right now, but just you wait!
Sorry my photos are so large
. And, I just want you to know, my purse and I were happily reunited (see yesterday's blog entry) and I have the use of my camera again! Life is good. - femminismo

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