Sunday, January 20, 2008

Art House Weekend.

Saturday was an art-full day. First I helped with a reception for a photographer at the nonprofit gallery where I volunteer. Things turned out well and I started to decorate a window in front for Valentines Day.
At 6 p.m. I went with Sylvia Miller (who will have her own blog one day) to ArtHouse, a group of women who meet to make art at Bodacious Beads. Sylvia taught a class in collage. She had bunches of heart pins for us to convert via collage into whatever our own hearts desired.
It was lots of fun, with laughter and talk, talk, talk.
There are other women there with blogs and I'd like to connect us all. One of the women was the person who got me going to the gatherings, JoAnn Boatwright. E-mail her and tell her to get back blogging!
Also, my 500th visitor logged on and the visitor was from my very own town via Out of all the people who've stumbled across this blog - from London, to Capetown, to New York, the 500th person was a "homey." Now on to the 1,000th!
Enjoy the heart pins. I'm going to wear one tomorrow when I ... sigh ... go to work. Nighty, night - femminismo

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