Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Lots o' Hearts.

Sylvia stopped by tonight with the heart pins she made during the last Saturday night ArtHouse project. I didn't get a really good photo of them, but I hope this will do. I wanted you to see them. I love the kitty with the "map body" stretching out her paws. The one pin covered in a cookbook recipe is pretty nice, too. That makes a good background for lots of collaged images. The bride and groom in front of the trigonometry or calculus problems is pretty tongue in cheek!

And today I wrote a short story about my elementary school principal who will soon celebrate her 99th birthday. Yes, that's right. She survived teaching me (and lots of others) reading, writing and "story book problems," as they used to be called. I don't know what they're called now. Brain twisters?
Actually, next to me it was my dad who got the worst of the math homework, since he had to sit with me at the dining room table and wait until I stopped crying - so he could try and explain them for the hundredth time.
I don't know why math was so difficult, since, unlike so many other things in life, the answers to math problems never seem to change. Maybe that was the problem. Math is too logical. (Now, I know someone is going to tell me that math isn't logical and sometimes it does change. I just know it!)
Tomorrow night I am having Italian food for dinner and maybe dreams of Italy for dessert. - femminismo

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