Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Package in the Mail!

My Valentine shopping for the Mister is done! The package from Ro Bruhn arrived today in the mail, all the way from Victoria, Australia. The earrings are lovely ... not too heavy and they have triple heart power. Thank you for the wonderful tag, too, Ro. I love it and will recycle the wrapping paper into my journal.
Did I mention the Mister's present is for me?

Today, thanks to my friend, Sylvia, I went to yoga. She invited me and I'm glad I went. I have needed the stretching, grounding and relaxation.
Dawn Sellers, one of the ArtHouse bunch, has a blog with pictures of the heart pins she made on Saturday. Scroll down her blog for a look-see. Sylvia will bring some to my house soon so I can take a photo of the ones she made.

As I sign off, I'd like to share one more photo of a friend, Fran Richards (right), who's realizing the longtime dream of having her own art space, right next to where I work in a cooperative artist space. The artists must be in their studio so many days a week and allow the public to come in and observe so many hours a week.
It's a great deal for everyone. Fran is working on pastels right now. Me, I plan on checking in so I can learn more about that particular medium. That's all for now. I hope you are creating something wonderful. - femminismo

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Ro Bruhn said...

So glad they arrived safe and sound Jeanne. I'm thrilled that you like them. Thanks for showing them on your blog.