Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What Have You Been Up To?

If you check out my photos you can tell what I've been up to. First we have horrible marks on the ceiling around the light fixture base - from the last light fixture. How long have we been staring at this? I'm afraid to count the years.
Second picture - Gone! Wonderful new sky blue ceiling. It's great. (The blue tape came off the walls. Never fear. We did not paint a dark blue stripe around the kitchen.)

Now we will work on the floor, then the cabinets and the counter tops. Choosing all the colors is scary. It's fun on a journal page, but not so much fun when you might have to repaint or live with horrible flecked laminate that looked good in the store.
Also, I want to thank Diane Havnen Smith who sent me this cute harlequin fellow. I have been missing him and now he's on my journal pages. Thank you!
I am sorry these photos are so gosh-awful big. I reduced them, but not enough apparently.
I am going to begin book making classes beginning February 1, this Friday, at The Accidental Bookmaker in Forest Grove (which is also Green Heron Book Arts). We will begin at the beginning, which is where I need to start. The class is every Friday for the entire month. I hope to show you what I accomplish as the month goes by.

Be good to each other out there. Leave me a comment if you're passing through. I would like to hear from you.
- femminismo

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