Thursday, October 9, 2008

80 degrees in Athens, Ga., 49 in My Hometown

SHIVERING, that's what's going on here in Oregon, as fall - clamoring for its three months of fame - has announced itself.
Farmers are wrapping up harvest time and putting things to bed in preparation for Ol' Man Winter.
On Tuesday I got my hair cut and then went driving in the countryside to see if there wasn't something to photograph. I was working with a different camera and having fits with the automatic settings on it and the setting sun. (No, I didn't turn any dials on the sun.) This photo is what I came up with. I also caught some sheep in a pasture, but they weren't too receptive to having their photo taken. None of them turned out well. (Not the sheep; the pictures.)
So, anyway, what was I saying? I'm cold, I guess that was the gist. And I don't like to be cold. But I did enjoy being in this small valley close to the Coast Range hills. These hills go on for many miles and separate us from the sea. If I could get high enough I would be able to see the ocean ... but then, couldn't we all.
I got an e-mail from an artist friend, Roderick Smith. He is absolutely an amazing painter. I actually own one of his paintings and I wouldn't mind if he got the adulation he deserves, because I consider this painting an investment in my spiritual life. Click on his name to go to his Web site.
He sent me a photo of a painting he did on some rusty tin he found. I asked for and got his permission to show this to you. Here is "Obama."
On another note, I want to let you know - or remind you, if you already knew - that this week in October is Mental Health Awareness Week. NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, focuses its attention on many aspects of mental illness. For those who do not personally know me, I want to tell you I have a brother with schizophrenia. He takes his medications regularly and for that we are very thankful. There are many mentally ill persons who are either distrustful of medications or have no one to help them - no family, no friends.
My brother is going through a rough time right now, with "flashbacks" plaguing him. His mind keeps running hurtful episodes, of times he would rather forget, over and over through his brain and he is powerless to stop them.
He has been talking to himself more often, and on public transportation he has noticed people changing seats because they don't want to sit by him.
He has a part-time job, receives some Social Security Disability, and Medicaid helps with doctors and prescriptions, but there are many things he has to do without. One thing he doesn't lack, however, is support from family. It's time for our nightly phone call now, and almost time to leave for yoga. I'll say goodnight, now, until next time we visit - femminismo
Oh! p.s.!! Check out this French blog for my Mona Lisa - "Scary Mona" - a collage I did. I was so happy to loan her out.


Anonymous said...

Love your Scary Mona!

Candace said...

The Scary Mona is great, Jeanne. I empathize about your brother. I watched this disease destroy my wonderful brother in law. Again, there must be something and more to do to wipe this out...
I love Roderick's work! The "Dancers at El Chorro" (sp) is divine. Great Obama too!
Take care.
Your Pal Candace

Jenny Matteson said...

I loved the scary Mona too. I tried to leave a comment in French but my brain is tired and ready for sleep now.

It's very cool that you got posted up there! Whoo hoo!

All our best wishes for B!