Monday, October 6, 2008

You'll Never Guess What Happened!

YOU won't ever guess what happened and you'll have to wait until the end of the post. Don't peek, either. Those are the rules.
Remember how I took JoAnn's photo in the Red Riding Hood outfit? It's in yesterday's post.
Well, she took a picture of me being photographer, too. She calls me Sister Mary Jeanne, and I think it fits pretty well. Say a prayer to me, the Patron Saint of Small Digital Cameras and you will always find them sandproof, waterproof and loss resistant. (I said "resistant." It's not a sure thing.)
I told JoAnn I may have to line the hood of my raincoat with some other color. Maybe chartreuse. The way the vented back flares out makes it look like a veil, too. How funny!
I wanted to show you some of the wonderful flowers in Cannon Beach before I go on to other things. Here are some lively little faces.
I love the sweet blue and yellow faces on these pansies. The flowers in this town are amazing things. They grow so big and last so long. It's the misty cool facials they get, I think. And maybe just a little magic fertilizer.
The yellow ones got shortchanged, however, so I added a little something.
Feeling very tired and a little - lot - silly.
These hydrangeas were magnificent. They were very close to a yarn shop and JoAnn said it was a good thing her purse was in the car and she couldn't buy yarn. She is a great sock knitter, something that looks way beyond any amount of patience I have left in me. Check out her knitting at her blog - and her yummy photos, too.
OK, here is the wonderful thing that happened ... since you've waited so patiently and not looked ahead. Right?
In Cannon Beach, JoAnn and I went to peek at a little craft fair in town. It was put on by the American Legion and so I bought two baggies of chocolate chip cookies and then, since they asked and I couldn't say no, I bought six raffle tickets for $5. You wrote your phone number on them and put them into the jar that offered a prize you'd like to win in the raffle.
Well, I never win anything, but I wanted to help the American Legion and these women who had worked so hard at making the craft fair a success. Now you can guess what. I won something! Me, who never wins anything. I won a FREE overnight at the Inn at Cannon Beach! I am so excited. Now I can take the Mister back with me and we will have a free evening in town to enjoy ourselves.
I promise not to post so many photos of the trip I make you ill - femminismo
p.s. The Mister has been turning out lights for the past hour. He just might pull the plug on the computer. Gotta' go. Nighty nite.


Candace said...

Sister Mary Jeanne, that is so awesome. Congratulations.

(Note: Take Mister so he won't pull the plug.)
Those flowers are too wonderful!
Keep on keeping on with these adventures.


Nikki said...

I loved reading about Cannon Beach :) Ned and I have been 3 times in the last couple months. We found the greatest little bead shop there and have made lots of anklets. Congratulations on winning that night away. :) I'm sure you'll make the most of it. It is such a fun artsy town.

Southern Girl said...

I never win anything either...maybe our luck is changing? (: