Saturday, October 18, 2008

Will We See Judy Wise in Oregon Again?

I WENT to the RaeVen's Nest site to see which classes Judy Wise is teaching there and what all is going on.
If I hadn't just remembered that John went with her - at least, I think I'm remembering right - I might wonder if she was coming back ... because I saw who the entertainment is on one of the first nights of the get together that group is having. Woowee!
The Alex Wilson Band - and girls, that is Alex Wilson over there in that photo. And you know what a party girl Judy Wise is! I will bet you dollars to donuts that she was up and shaking her bootie to this man's music.
(What does dollars to donuts mean, do you know?)
Anyway, I hope she does come back to Oregon and doesn't run off with this piece of "mancake" (thanks to Mrs. G for that expression). Or if she does run off, I hope she still finds time for plenty of art and posts all about it.
It is late and you will all have to wait until tomorrow for pictures of the shrines we made at Linda's house. We had so much fun, even without a house band. There was plenty of recorded music and lots of heads bent over tables working the matte gel and glitter. Later - femminismo


Candace said...

Dollars to donuts means a sure thing.

Candace said...

Gee, I hit the wrong button, Jeanne. Sorry. Anyway, this gal is looking forward to seeing those shrines. What fun that must have been!
Have a great week!