Thursday, October 23, 2008

Heavenly Smells Not Related to Yoga.

TONIGHT, after yoga class, I descended the stairs in bare feet, stopped to put on my sandals and pushed open the swinging glass door - only to be confronted by the smell of 20,000 pastries coming fresh from the oven, and by the sight of all these Guatemalan lovelies piled on tables inside the restaurant exactly across from the yoga class exit.
I could not stop myself. I was immediately drawn inside by the sight of all those golden brown pastries and the smell! Oh, the smell! Who did I see inside the shop but ... I stop myself before I tell the name of the person. I wasn't supposed to see her ... umm "him." Could of been a him. (The name will remain secret.)
Any way, didn't have my camera, but did have my phone. This photo's not the best, but maybe you will get the idea. (Music now begins: "Heaven, I'm in heaven, and my heart beats so that I can hardly speak ... .")
Yoga class was very good, by the way. Lots of challenging positions and more work on balance, which I really, really need. And the way to get balance is to become unbalanced. Let yourself start to tip and fall. Only then can you correct your actions and achieve balance. And I think this must relate to much, much more than merely physical balance. But that's another thought for another day.
I mentioned a post or two ago that my computer died on Monday. I got to work yesterday to find it in the back of the room, on a table, laying "face" down on a soft, comforting blanket. Later in the day it was upright and had a sign on it. I had to take a picture of it since it was the computer I worked on for over a year. My first Mac. As you can see, it had power supply problems. Now many things are wrong with it and it is officially D.E.A.D. And I am back on my Mac OS10.
Since so much of my life - at least one-third, I'm sure - is spent at work, I thought I would send out a photo of the window I can look through during the day. I am surely lucky to have that bit of the outside world to stay in contact with the seasons.
Many of us nowadays are looking for the good in life to keep us from thinking about the negatives. I've got a job, health insurance, a wonderful Mister, food to eat and a roof over my head. My yoga practice is becoming easier and more fluid. To encourage those happy, positive thoughts a coworker came around on Wednesday with these napkins which I promptly put under my traveling coffee cup.
It is always happy hour somewhere - femminismo

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Candace said...

Jeanne, you are a woman of mystery. Who could it have been? Mmmm.... and you're right, it is always happy hour somewhere. I do love yoga but am so stiff if I dont do it daily. I applaud your efforts and your common sense approach. But I envy you that pastry shop!
Take care!
Your Pal