Friday, October 17, 2008

I Love Almost Everything About October.

THIS morning - early - the sky was filled with the most unusual light. The back yard was suffused with this glow, and trees, shrubs and grass seemed surreal as if they were under a very large yellowish umbrella with lights trying to shine through it.
I wanted my camera to capture the color of this light, but it was a foolish request. I wonder if even the most sophisticated, expensive cameras can record light the color it was this morning at 7 a.m.
I took photos of the tree peonies, wanting to savor the delicately radiant orange and yellow leaves. I was in my pajamas (or "pyjamas" for Brits) and bare feet but I wasn't that cold since I was in photographer mode.
Then I saw the sky and realized where all of this beauty was coming from. I think with the sky photo the camera did a pretty good job of recording what I saw.
I may have been colder than I thought because all of the photos were very shaky and consequently, blurred. Then I realized the picture of the tall unclipped rose, "floating" above the garden, looked like what I try and manipulate in the watercolor special effects in Photoshop. So why bother with that when you can just shake the camera? (This is my "tip" for the day.)
Tomorrow, my pals, JoAnn and Sylvia, and I are going to Linda's house to make Dia de los Muertos shrines. This is going to be really, really fun and I hope, when I get back and show you what I did, that you won't hate me for going off and leaving you to do grocery shopping or cleaning the toilets. (Please don't hate me, because that's what I'll have to do on Sunday.)
I found this guy at A very interesting site with even lessons plans for Day of the Dead. Isn't he colorful? I am feeling inspired. Now I'm going to go spray paint bottle caps for decorating my shine.
And if you're wondering what I don't like about October, it's the rain - when it begins and doesn't end until ... well ... whenever it feels like it - femminismo

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Candace said...

A great post here. Love the Day of the Dead fellow! I have one in my journal, started last evening. Don't concern yourself about that photographer's light capturing the real deal ... believe me, I totally understand! lol.

Have a great weekend. Hello to Mister.
Your Pal