Thursday, October 2, 2008

Every Calendar Day is Special to Someone.

I AM writing this on Oct. 2, 2008 — which would have been my mother’s 86th birthday. She passed away in June 2006.
This morning in Athens, Ga., on Oct. 2, my niece - and my mother's granddaughter - Amy, gave birth to her third child, a boy, Guillermo. The baby has blue eyes — for now, anyway — and so did his great-grandmother.
Today I can feel my mother so close to me on this day - her birthday. I can imagine how excited she would be that the new great-grandchild was born on "her" birthday.
I recall the times I remembered her birthday with a card, or lunch or a sleepover at her house. I remember forgetting her birthday once! (It's OK. She forgot mine once, too.)
I close my eys and I can feel her arms around me and the special "Mom kisses" she would give.
I can remember the last time she walked into my house and I remember the evening she left it.
We all wish, of course, that my mother could have witnessed another great-grandchild in her "portfolio." There aren't many who love babies as much as she did.
"My goodness, what your dad and I started," she used to say. They had seven children. My mother told me my grandmother (her mother-in-law - whom she loved dearly) asked her one time, "Margaret, how are you going to take care of all these children?"
And she stubbornly answered, "I'll feed them and love them." That's exactly what she did, day in and day out without fail.
It’s odd how certain dates have a way of pulling us back in time. As the post title says, every calendar day is special to someone. It might be a birthday or an anniversary of a glad time or a sad time - a beginning or an ending.
Now we've been blessed with these wonderful grandchildren and we are so lucky to have them all healthy, smart, loving people - and we have our parents to thank for that last part, I think.
Amy's paternal grandfather, William, passed away very recently on Sept. 13. That was a really sad day for everyone. William also had blue eyes. I will always think of this new baby, "Gil," born on Oct. 2, with the bluest of eyes, as a link in the generations and a reminder that miracles keep on happening everywhere we look.
I'll also remember that the saddest day on the calendar to me might be the happiest day to someone else. This is a happy day. Mom was born today and Gil was born today. Welcome to the world, Gil, from Great-Aunt Jeanne! I know Javi and Isa and Daddy are waiting eagerly to get you and Mommy home.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful,sensitive and expressive post.

Candace said...

This is a joyous post, Jeanne, despite the losses. Athens is even brighter and happier now with "Ol' Blue Eyes" -- it's funny how that circle keeps turning, isn't it?
Take care.

Anonymous said...

Great story Jeanne and a great picture of your Mom. I can almost smell those cinammon rolls! Can you just imagine how much "love" she put in each one?

Welcome to the world Gil. Make it a better place!

Cousin John (not too sure how we're related in the family tree)