Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year ... and I've Got a Giveaway!

HERE is my New Year's Day project. While I'm sitting inside on this gray Oregon day watching - and hearing - the rain pour down outside, I have a lap full of yarn and needles clicking away.
Leave a comment and this scarf could be yours or you can give it to someone else dear to you. (A guy would look good in these colors, I think.) Warm necks in winter are the happiest. I got the pattern from this blog: Insaknittyandfood.
We saw the movie "Seven Pounds" with Will Smith and Rosario Dawson last night. There were four of us and four opinions, I guess. My sister and I were crying a little at the end, but I was mostly happy because Will took off his shirt more than once. And Rosario is the most gorgeous woman I have seen in a long while. Angelina, your days are numbered.
I wondered if I might be a good enough person to deserve help such as Will Smith was giving. (You can't tell others too much about this movie without giving a lot away.)
Now it's back to the scarf. If you leave a comment I'll put you in the drawing for the scarf. I'll draw a name on January 5. Hurry, hurry, hurry! - femminismo
p.s. photo of Rosario from


Candace said...

Haven't seen the film yet, Jeanne. But I did see "Eagle Eye" and Dawson was very good in it as well, even though she was in uniform in it as well as a tough babe.
If you put me in that drawing for the scarf, I'll put you in a drawing for something I am posting in a while...
It keeps me out of trouble! Go figure. And the colours are fabu!

jlbowler said...

I see you finished NaNoWriMo again - congratulations! The scarf looks wonderful!

kat c. said...

that scarf is fab!=)


Denise said...

It's my first visit. Candace pointed me your direction and I'm glad she did. Your scarf is looking very cosy indeed! A must for winter!

Anonymous said...

Hi, this is my first visit also, found you by looking at Craft Therapy's blog list. Your scarf looks beautiful. I am a beginner at knitting. This looks like it is cabled which is beyond my skills. Thanks for the giveaway

Amber said...

What a beautiful scarf. My mom has tried teaching me to knit and I just haven't gotten the hang of it yet. I fondly remember a sweater she knit for me when I was about 8. Wish it still fit; it was beautiful!

It's cold in Utah; I'd love this carf:)

Anna said...

Your scarf looks so amazing I like you yarn chose. Thanks for choosing my pattern. PS you do not need to include me in the drawing.

Southern Girl said...

Hello, Femminismo! Did you find my comment about the Faulkner ash can, in reference to your "bride of quietude" question? (: Lovely scarf, by the way. Please, pretty please, enter me! (:

micaela6955 said...

Not sure if I am too late, but wanted to stop by and say hi! I like Rosario Dawson too, she's a good actress-and Will, what can I say? I will have to check out the movie, I haven't seen it before... Hope you had a great new year!