Friday, January 9, 2009

Strong Women - Brave Women.

ONE last thing today and then it's to bed for me.
This page from my altered book/journal shows my mother and her favorite sister. Both of them were destined for great things, although they would never have claimed such a distinction.
How can raising, caring for and feeding a family be a great thing? Many of us would affirm it as the Greatest Thing!
When I look at their young bodies and unlined faces and think of all they will do and accomplish in the years ahead of them it brings tears to my eyes and a smile of satisfaction. Satisfaction because I got to know them and live with them and claim them as my own.
I scanned this old photo of Margaret and Theresa - it's from the 1940s - and then printed it out on my color printer. While it was still dampish I laid it face down on a gessoed page and then rubbed the back. (Too hard, by the way. And I think I could have let it dry a bit longer. Well, we only learn by doing.) Then I lifted the paper off. It made a pretty good transfer, but is pretty wrinkled. Next time I'll let it dry longer.
I've been stamping the pages with acrylic paints on a wad of bubble wrap. What a neat stamp it makes. You can even smear the paints together with the plastic stuff! The other picture is of some of the flowers I bought for myself to chase away a gray day. (The Mister isn't one to send flowers, but he does say I Love You a lot.) Cheers! Hope things are well for you - femminismo

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Laura Kay said...

What a creative way to honor your mother & aunt. Thanks for letting us know your technique & the hints for doing this. Each time you see this page it'll warm your heart.