Sunday, January 25, 2009

It Snowed Last Night on Robert Louis Stevenson!

THAT'S right. Even though he's been gone, lo these many years, last night Stevenson got a soaking. (Well, his words, actually.)
My Disintegration Project, instigated by Seth and The Altered Page, is on its way. Here is a picture of the evidence that a little bird checked out the project too.
Cold, wet words this morning, and excited me hovering nearby with my camera. The small round circles are plops of rain from overhanging limbs. The Mister saw me taking pictures of the ground and figured I was up to something again. I cannot wait until spring now for more than one reason.
I was also working in my journal/altered book, painting a page. I have taken the advice of another blogger and started making my own stencils and stamps. Wish I could tell you which blogger, but my travels - as are yours, I'm sure - range far and wide.
I have found several images in books and magazines and using an Xacto knife have cut out and then painted either inside the cut-out image or just laid down the image and painted over it and then peeled it back up. I have been thinking about our times and President Obama's call to action for everyone to give something to the cause. Art and young people come to mind, since I volunteer at a non-profit art gallery that is undergoing a major renovation. There will be classrooms and I am wondering if there can be free art classes where media can be manipulated and experimentation can happen??? That is what inspired this page when I was asking myself what I can do to help. More later - femminismo


3rdEyeMuse said...

hehe - love the weathering on your contribution to the Disintegration project! oh yeah, we do get wind and rain ... hmmm.

I think your idea of free mixed media art classes for the gallery is fantastic! will keep my fingers crossed that it does happen. :)

Candace said...

The little bird feet on those pages just took my breath. Life does go on around even art and vice versa, eh? Mr Stevenson would love this soaking!

Jeanne, did you _intend_ to have that red heart in the Green Man's chest? Gosh, either way, a fantastic touch!

This post is great. Thanks for sharing the process of your art as well as the voice of your inner landscape with us.
Good luck with the gallery, too.
Your Pal.

Laura Kay said...

Two great projects that you are involved in! It will be fun watching Robert Louis Stevenson through the seasons! And you are making a difference by exposing kids to varied types of art. I always enjoy your blog. Thanks.

Kimmie said...

Oooooh - I hope a little bird walks on mine next time it snows! That is just such a magnificent and sweet touch from nature!

Nikki said...

I sure love looking at your blog. I am always amazed to see all your artful ideas. I wish I had more time to do them myself. Someday. In the meantime I will enjoy seeing what happens to your "Disintegration" project. I'm glad that it snowed for you during it also...the birds feet are such a great touch...and I'm sure you will remember them there even when they disappear. :) Have a great day.