Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Touchstones for Me ... and Possibly You.

SOULJOURNEY, the Yahoo group I have joined, has a new prompt each week, but I am behind in what I've accomplished. Yikes!
I got a chance to sit down the other night and go through magazines looking for words or phrases - defining words and power images - that are what I would like to include in my life in the coming year(s). It is fortunate that I am working with a very large book because I found so many words and phrases that I could not bear to part with. I ended up with two pages full of words that mean something to me.
Notice a few maps and foreign phrases in there. Could that mean travel?
We were also asked to look for one word that resonated with us. I was stuck for a long time, but now I believe the word is "possibility." Yes, that is my word. Look for it starring on its very own art journal page soon.
Tonight was yoga, and I didn't believe I would be able to go. Not because I was fearful my shoes would be taken again. No, this time I was just too sad. I thought I might spend all my time crying. I can't really talk about what's making me sad. Not right now, anyway. But lo and behold, I knew the yoga would be the best thing for me and at the end of the practice I was feeling 110 percent better. Taking care of ourselves is always the hardest thing to do, isn't it?
Thank you everyone for your comments. Four things: Tammy, I miss you too, you sweet girl! My oldest granddaughter got engaged to be married! And Candace, I am so glad you got your scarf. And, Barb, I love my bag. Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite - femminismo
p.s. I also finished the cover on my November-December journal. Odd, isn't it? Not quite finished here.


~Barb~ said...

I'm behind on my soul journaling, too, but don't you just love it? Your pages are full of power and excitement and possibilities.
I'm sorry you're sad...I hope whatever it is passes soon and you feel better.
Peace & Love,

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you went to yoga and I'm really glad it made you feel better. Hopefully, those things that are making you sad will be resolved or go away very soon. I see that Barb left you a message so I'm heading over to her blog to see if I can find out if she is selling those great bags!
Oh, I'm wayyy behind on my soul journaling. Take care.

Candace said...

Jeanne, great post. And that Nov/Dec journal cover reminds me of the creme de la creme graphics of the 40s and 50s. Stripped down, to the point, free of everything but the message and the subject.
Well done!

Anonymous said...

You're the best Jeanne! And Josh said to tell Aunt Jeanne "thanks for the help!"

JoAnn Boatwright said...

Yes, Miss Jeanne, you are, indeed, full of possibilities. I'm so lucky to sit just a few feet from you on work days.