Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snow and Rain and Birds = Nature.

WHILE I sleep tonight in my cozy little bed, "The Master of Ballantrae," which by the way is subtitled "A Winter's Tale," will freeze outdoors. Underneath the neatly tied pages perhaps the beetles and worms are rising up, exploring the pages - wondering what is overhead.
I've been busy at the computer designing a postcard for a group I belong to. Good practice, but having them published online is demanding. Either my artwork is too high a resolution or too low. Or the drop shadows are causing a problem and something is "rasterizing." Argh! Frustrating. Or I'm going to meetings! Yuck! But for a good cause. The renovation of our nonprofit art gallery. The grand opening is set (in stone) for April 9. I hope you will attend or at least come along with me via photographs.
We held our meeting at the local church which was providing severe weather shelter, since it's been snowing and freezing. As I left, an acquaintance was chatting with the head of the volunteers. He said they wouldn't be open tomorrow night, since the temperature would be warmer: above freezing. We were both distraught, but volunteer help can only be stretched so far to keep the church open all night. What in the world is the answer? - femminismo


Kimmie said...

Was that a coincidence that it's also called "A Winter's Tale?" That's perfect!

Congratulations on having a gallery opening coming up - you must have a nice little (or big) network there! I WILL be looking for photographs!

3rdEyeMuse said...

I wish my magic wand could provide the answer, but unfortunately it says it can't ... suggestion, dream on it. the answer just may come.

I'm really getting a kick watching the pages change.

Candace said...

Jeanne, I am so loving your personal "Winter's Tale"! You know I will go anywhere as long as you provide photos and on April 9th, too! Sigh... I long for the spring, for the first time ever.

People without power in ice and snow until mid-February?? Wait... did I read that headline right?

Take care, you little rasterizer, you.