Saturday, January 17, 2009

Off On A New Tangent.

"MAIRA Kalman, Maira Kalman." That's all you'll hear from me for a while. My work colleague and friend, JoAnn, turned me on to her by showing me a book Kalman had written, "The Principles of Uncertainty." Filled with her gouache illustrations, (from photographs, I think) it inspired me to be on the lookout for people from everyday life I could draw and write about.
The first person was a woman in the supermarket - a small, "real," hometown market, not an upscale foodie paradise. It was just before Thanksgiving and the woman smiled at me uncertainly, almost shyly, as if she were out doing something she shouldn't. She stuck in my mind and I drew her into my art journal. Let's see if I can find her ... her she is above.
I missed a great opportunity a few weeks later. There was a man with long hair smoking in the same grocery store parking lot, leaning on the hood of a car. Boy do I regret not taking his picture!
So when I saw Michelle - I didn't know her name when I stopped her - I ran after her and boldly asked if I could take her picture. She was so gracious I almost couldn't stand it. What a joy! Here she is in a new journal I have begun that is solely dedicated to the people I meet throughout this year. Please note, I am not finished painting Michelle. And, as Kalman preaches, it is not the artistic ability, it is the doing. (I translate her philosophy roughly here.) If you want to read an interview with the artist herself, check out this blog.
Now I must get going on this day. I have cleaned our main bathroom, now that the dust has settled from the most recent renovation stage on the room next door (which is the small bathroom off the master bedroom). The floor had almost dropped out and there was dry rot in the walls. The Mister has been a busy bee, working through the knee pain he has after his November surgery. He's been going to rehab and exercising, but construction is rough, hard work for the healthiest knees. We have to shop for shower tile and Creative Circle is tonight with a mystery project scheduled. Cannot wait - femminismo


Candace said...

Have a great time, Jeanne. Coming out of a not so special week and here I find great stuff right off the bat on this here blog.

Check EyeCandy tomorrow for a special photo of the Swag! LOL.
I totally love it. It looks great and is really nice and toasty. Soft. Colourful. A gold star giftie! I like the tag almost as much... what kids we are, eh?

Your pal at 20F Athens --

Tammy said...

Hey you clever girl! You even caught a reflection of yourself in the window!
Miss You!

Lady North said...

Hello there Jeane! I finally figured out a way to get through the backdoor of blogger and thank you for leaving all those wonderful comments on my blog HereBeDreams.
The snows have melted (hooray) and you have my undying sympathy, and support if you have anything to do with RenOs. They are in a word 'surprising' LOL!
My fave was when we discovered a live (as in 'still had electricity flowing through it) cable lying on the floor, that had been drywalled up and forgotten. Not to worry, it was in the laundry room where of course WATER and ELECTRICITY don't mix!!
A Houseful of Blessings!