Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Little Fun Today - and Inky Fingers!

SYLVIA and I went to a new art supply/art project store, Art on a Lark Studio, that officially opened yesterday in our town. They were offering guests the chance to make a free 4 inch x 4 inch book, with their papers, stamps, glitter, glue, etc. So we took them up on it.
We were stamping away on the 4x4 inch squares, using a veritable wall of stamps. Oh, the delight! We glued down pieces of paper and quotations and made one "page" of the book as an envelope that could hold a tag.
Then the books were pierced along the edges with a very amazing took that also crunched the coils together that bound the books. We made these little books in about 2 hours. We can add to them, I guess. The coils can be opened and we can insert more pages. Or we can start from scratch and make new ones and pack them full of pages.
The studio rents art-making time and you can use their paper, stamps, etc. And there are people to clean up after you! Is this heaven or what?
Some of the papers under my little book are ones that were for sale that I couldn't leave without. In winter, who couldn't use these cheerful flower stickers?
I hope your day was a good one and you did something artsy - femminismo
p.s. The quote in the book is from the cartoon, "Sylvia," by Nicole Hollander, 1981. It says "Can you imagine a world without men? No crime and lots of fat, happy women." I guess it's a popular saying for some reason. ; )


~Barb~ said...

OH WOW, how fun! And I love the
Peace & Love,

Candace said...

Wow, you have indeed been busy busy bee-ing and busy being. This sounds like you had lots of fun -- and I do love that journal page you showed us on one of your last posts. Catching up can be fun!
(Gosh, I thought nobody knew about "Sylvia" but me, lol.)
Have a great week!