Saturday, January 31, 2009

We're Getting There.

'THERE' - the place we're getting - is: almost done with the shower. Yippee! End of renovation until we rebuild our forces. Right now we're on our second large tube of BenGay to massage those sore muscles in the Mister's back and shoulders.
Today, January 31st, he was ready to cut a hole in our roof over the bathroom shower stall "we're" remodeling. (I like that "we're." My role consists of bringing beer from the kitchen or store and rubbing the cream on his shoulders. But, as they say, "it's a job.")
Above left is a picture of the shower in its beginning state of destruction. The light coming in is directly from the outdoors. We had to tear out a lot of dry rot, which sounds weird. Wasn't this all caused by a poorly built shower which was almost constantly wet?
After the Mister was through tearing out the closet we decided to sacrifice for more shower space, putting in the plumbing and building a wall between the two bathrooms, Greg the Tile Master got to work.
He laid down Wonderboard on the floor and put visquine down and around on the walls. Then he put up cement board on the walls that he adheres the tiles onto, and he built another small wall that will keep the water within its own territory. Whew! A lot of work! (The wall will have nice tiles on it so we won't have to look at cement blocks.)
That was when the Mister cut a hole in the roof, and Ricardo, the roof guy, came and roofed around the frame for the skylight. Brr! It was in the 30s outside, but blue sky.
Now, this evening, the hole in the roof is blocked up and everything is nice and warm. The skylight window hadn't come in, but we needed to take advantage of Ricardo's schedule and the clear weather.
Tomorrow Greg will lay actual tile, I think. Today he also finished the basic form of the shower bench that will allow us to sleep a little longer in the mornings while warm water runs over us. Ahh! Makes all those trips to the store for beer almost worth it.
Don't think I didn't do something artistic today. I got myself an Obamacon and designed a postcard for our nonprofit art group. I'll show myself to you with my word for this year: Confident. - femminismo


3rdEyeMuse said...

a new shower can be such a task, but will be soooo worth the effort when you finally can use it again. Go, team, GO!

annette emms said...

Gosh, this all makes my bathroom upheavel look like a walk in the park!
I'm sure it will all be worth it, just keep telling yourself that!x

Southern Girl said...

And I was proud of myself yesterday when I wiped out my sink!(: I've been off the computer for a while as I told Candace, but I'm so glad to be back and checking in my blog friends! Take care and be well, Femminismo! (:

Candace said...

Good job all around, Jeanne and Mister, and I know you are all happy over it, too! I do like that Femminismo card so much. Well done indeed.
Your Pal