Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Yippee Skippy! See What She's Done!

ALL hail, Christy, Web guru extraordinaire! I am so pleased that my banner is now stretched across the top of the blog. One simple request to Her Highness, and voila! Before I knew it, there it was before my eyes. If only she could be put to work on some of the more pressing issues of the world, who knows what might be accomplished. (I can tell she's blushing, so I will stop for now.) Well done, Christy.
At left is my desk today at work. Atop my 2009 appointment book is a blood orange slice and star fruit from JoAnn, my work colleague and art co-conspirator. She was slicing fruit, placing it on her window ledge and taking pictures. I can't wait to see what she's come up with. She takes great photos and has a knack for getting in close and capturing the best of a subject. Check out her blog to see for yourself.
Last night was the first class in the winter term for yoga. Oh, my, today I can tell by my tender muscles that I was far too lazy over the holidays - not doing a darn bit of stretching. Without the yoga I would turn into a creaky old lady. And we can't have that!
I had a magnificent dream/thought the other night when I couldn't sleep that turned into a story idea - and I actually remembered it when I woke up. I furiously scribbled it down on the back of an envelope and now it's sitting on the kitchen table looking up at me each time I pass.
There are so many stories bubbling around inside me that I hardly know where to start. Retirement from "real" work is the only answer, I fear, since keeping up with the house and this blog and my extracurricular activities seems to take any time that paid work doesn't. Trading health insurance for my precious time!! Argh! Anyone else feel this way?
Well, I told Christy she should post her work even if she didn't like it. She had been working on self-portraits. Now I find myself in the same predicament. But "walk the talk," so here it is. (I used Stabilo pencil to ourline and I forgot it smears horribly when wet. Good sometimes; bad just now.) My own face isn't nearly that gray.
And then there's one more art journal page to show you, and then it's to the sink. I think it's my turn to do dishes. Then a little knitting and then it's off to bed. I got this "window" from Judy Wise, on her blog. Check the link on the left. I found the lady via Blue Lantern. Ditto: check on the left. I made her pretty white gloves myself. I wonder if she knows what's going on atop her roof? - femminismo
p.s. I bought myself flowers today and I absolutely love them!


~Barb~ said...

YAY for your fabulous new header and how wonderfully it turned out. And yoga...omg, I so need to start doing something for my body/health/peace-of-mind. Yoga sounds like a great idea...I bet I regret saying that, huh?

I happen to like your self portrait...maybe one day I will take that idea on. And your journal page ROCKS! Super stuff you've shared today. Yum!

Peace & Love,

Christy said...

Oh now you are talkin The New Yorker. That portrait is total coolness. She looks like she just took off her diamonds and is debating taking her hair down or calling the maid in to do it. But then she also looks a bit like she might be a tad upset with say... I dunno, dishes night? LOL
Yep, we girls gotta walk the talk don't we :)
I think it should say Entitlement for some reason.
You know, I had a horrible nightmare the other night and I remember parts of it, and it would make a striking painting. I think you've just inspired me. More later on that!